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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies and other digital media platforms or channels to promote products and services.

Our team of experts can help your brand grow by implementing our expert strategies. We have a successful proven track record to support our claim.

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Specific Designed Plans

Digital Marketing Packages

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing and Management

  • Instagram Marketing

  • Content Calendar

  • Creative Designing

  • Advertising (additional to budget)

  • Audience Creation and Targeting

  • Page Management

  • Query Responses

  • Ecommerce plan is different*

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Google/YouTube Ads

  • Setting up Google Ads Account

  • Creating Campaigns for Google Search Engine*

  • Cost Controlling on Google Ads

  • Different Ad Groups for Categories*

  • Dynamic Ads for Different Categories*

  • Competitor’s Approach Measurement

  • Different types of Ads (Text based, Responsive, etc)*

  • Different Types of Ads Extensions*

  • Bidding Strategy to Optimize Budget

  • Targeting Right Audience

  • Targeting Location for the Right Audience*

  • Creating YouTube Ads *video provided* or Custom Ads/ Banner Ads etc. (Additional cost)

  • Keywords Selection for the Services*

  • Keywords Optimization

  • Negative Keywords Insertion to Stop Unwanted Traffic*

  • Writing the Best Copy of Ads and Description

  • Demographics Strategy

  • Ad Scheduling to Optimize Budget

  • Redirecting Traffic to Specific Product/Category*

  • Lead Generation Promotions

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Search Engine Optimization

  • Complete Website SEO Audit

  • A/B Testing of SEO

  • Setting & Managing Google Analytics

  • Setting & Managing Google Web Master

  • Google My Business Listing

  • Keywords planning and Optimizing Written Content on the Website

  • Keywords Optimization

  • Meta Data Optimization

  • SEO Friendly Permalinks

  • Selecting Target Audience

  • Image Optimization

  • Increasing Organic Reach and Traffic

  • Pre and Post SEO Audits

  • Optimizing Website Navigation

  • Setting up Canonicals if Needed

  • Internal and External Link Generation

  • Checking Website Health on Monthly Basis

  • Indexing Pages on Google Search Engine

  • Sitemaps Creation

  • Tracking Competitor’s Organic Performance

  • Local SEO

  • Speed Optimization Suggestion

  • Finding Errors

  • Keywords Tracking

  • Backlinking

  • Product Sharing

  • Directory Submission

  • ECommerce SEO plan is different

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  • WordPress / Shopify Website

  • 10-12 Pages

  • Main Page Slider

  • Products Upload

  • Categories Upload

  • Shopping Cart

  • Product Slider

  • Category Slider

  • Shipping Options

  • Delivery Methods

  • Variable Products

  • Location Wise Shipping

  • Orders Panel

  • Customer Registration

  • Account and Guest Checkout

  • WhatsApp Integration

  • Live Chat Integration

  • Emails Setup

  • Social Media Integration

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Google Search Console Integration

  • Google Map Integration

  • Basic S.E.O of Website

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Marketing & Branding

  • Brand Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Strategy for 1 Quarter

  • Digital Marketing (1 Month)

  • ATL/ BTL Activity Strategies

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Graphical Designing

  • Human Resource Strategy

  • Printing Solution (Additional)

  • Dealing with 3rd Parties

  • Corporate Training

  • Paid Advertising (1 Month) (Additional)

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Videography & Animation

  • Video Editing

  • Video Compiling

  • Audio Syncing

  • Background Music Upload

  • Dynamic Effects

  • Titles

  • Intro and Ending Notes

  • HD Video

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